21 Apr 2008

This is sooooooo Unfair.


I am Sorry for all this time of being away from the blogsphere. Life sometimes is so congested: work, study, and commitments but I will try to be as regular as I can afford.

Just passed by the above caricature and I thought: Poor we women, look at the way people think in us. I donot think this has any relation to the reality. I have driven for years and I do not think this is true at all.... :(


Brave Heart said...

i would say it is wrong
not 45%

it's 99%

Good Girl said...

I donot think you are serieous .....Look most of the accidents are purely men made ones. Ladies are so careful as by nature when they drive or when sit by the driver.

a_akak said...

Sometimes :P ....but usually not

Good to see you back :)

Fe Aman Allah

Good Girl said...

Hi Akak:
Thanks for the visit.....well, I will accept (sometimes) as long as not 45%...

Fee aman Allah.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam good girl

men are more aggressive, women tend not to indicate when turning and look a lot in the mirror.

actually the home office in England issued recently the result of a survey, the found that 92% of accidents are caused by men. so men are more risky, women drivers, well... a bit annouying :o)

Good Girl said...

Hi Anglo:

The home office is so fair.
It's ok of being abit annoying as long as they r not putting lives at risk.....Any way, I have to admit that even though men are more risky but they r more skilled drivers....

nasimlibya said...

ya i agree with u good girl ladies more careful than men .

Anonymous said...

So the home office only showed it in a recent survey? Shame on the UK. ;)

It's been known for decades that women are the better drivers, and many insurance agencies in Germany offer cheaper insurances for cars that get only driven by women.

Still jokes like that persist.
I guess that says more about men and their ego than about women.

Oh, hi! :)