9 Dec 2007

Thanks Sami Yusuf.

The above is from a concert I attended. The atomsphere was fabeoulus full of enthusiam, felt like big islamic social event rather than a concert per se, old people, kids, families, everybody was there. The concert basically was 10.000 muslem gathering and was very positive, It was in the middle of concert when they said there are 3000 muslem waiting, queueing outside for tickets !!!afetr tickets and charity funds collection the concert resulted in 100,000 Pounds for muslems in Darfour.

The moment of Sami yusuf enterance was amaaaaaaaaazing. Iam sure if he was the head of UN he wouldn't have had such round of applause and welcome by the audiance. It was like contineous half an hour of warm warm applause and yelling that I never ever heard such thing before, bouts of that were countineous throughout the concert. there were other singers and bands from UK, US, Canada, Denmark. The most popular one was the Outlandish Rap band. young girls here seem to be mad of this band as I noticed.

I liked to have such nice Islamic, recreational, social, well organised events with 10,000 person saying Ya Allah at once. However; I couldn't be very relax about the way teenage girls reacted to the music quite few times, I just felt ...this is not the place, u can not screem jumping for such phrases Like la Elah Ella Allah, and ya
7abibi ya Muhammed, for example.

Having said that; I must say I enjoyed it so much. I liked the kids with their parents playing with the fountains's water outside the concert hall, I just felt like Eid which I really missed this year. Thanks Sami Yusuf.


Good Girl said...

before putting any comment, Iam still working on how to upload videos from youtube, in meanwhile u can watch it urself in utube....sorry just putting my first steps in the blog.

MaySoon said...

Ok thanks for clarifying..lol I was like what's the "above", well at least you're trying.. I haven't tried that yet ehhhe..:oD okay will go watch it on youtube ... Sami Yusuf ROCKS.. my favourite is "Oummi" (mother)..
Sounds like a great event.. good for you, I am glad you enjoyed your time GG :o)

Anglo-Libyan said...

glad you enjoyed it, he is a talented artist, where was the concert held?

Good Girl said...

Thanks dear, I have actually enjoyed most of his songs, Yes Ummi is great song really...next time will invite you..ok?

It was held in Wembley arena in Wembley park- London. yes he is very talented.

enlightened spirit said...

welcome dear, here it comes ur second post, eventhough I expected somthing about TMC in the first few posts, from the blog name.
but this may be even better yes u right guys he is very talented, u sure enjoyd ur 3eed their with his nice very touchy songs.

dusk till dawn said...

so pleased u did enjoy it .and had fun, it was for a good cause.
nice to see u posting , keep going
take care

LoveLyH said...

هلا وغلا
قداش مانحبه سامي يوسف
وبالذات اخر اغنيه ليه الاسماء الحسني

الله علي صوته

مشكورة ياغاليه
والله زمان مارينا طيفك في شارعنا

Brave Heart said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
بمناسبةغيد الاضحى المبارك
نسال الله العلى العظيم ان يعيده علينا وعليكم بالخير واليمن والبركات
وكل عام وانتم بخير

PH said...

Eid Mubarak :).


dusk till dawn said...

just to wish u a very happy eid,hope it will bring u happiness and joy