4 Sep 2008

Ramadan Kareem:

Ramadan Kareem to you all..... Ramdan this year is special for me as I started new a training post and moved into new place on It's day one, lots of rearrangments and paperwork.
May Allah accept our fast and forgive our mistakes.

1 Jul 2008

I hate exams.....

Had my exam last Friday.....Tell you what: exams are the biggest lie in the world, they think it test your abilities but they know as well that you are under stress and not in your normal real atmosphere.
I hate exams inside out, It's all fake( this is what happen in our clinic exam) which is basically pretending your are a doctor in a certain position and got a patient (who is mostly fake) and show them what you would do !!!!!! how silly.
May be the good think about it that it was in a nice rural place called Ipswich, It was lovely, far a way from stress of London, every thing is calm and peaceful.

Russell Peters:

Just wanted to share this with you.
Have a lovely day all.

27 Apr 2008

A day out.


At Trafalgar square, was sunny and nice.

Covent Garden.

How handsome!!!!

Concert....everything for money!!

Last couple of days I had very nice times with friends who decided to gather from different places: Spain, Manchester, Birmingham, and of course London. Saying that; we spent very nice times in walking visits from Covent Garden to Trafalgar Square ending in Westminster area and London eye, topping that up by having entertaining lunch at one of resturants in Knightsbridge. While walking and feet aching I got a call...sounded a bit weird initialy then I realised it was a friend who I did not see for 4 years, he used to be my senior at work. Oh It was astonshing surprise to me really, after how are you and what did you do, we agreed to meet up with his family and kids.

Happy birthday Tala

Not after long...I had to be off to my place....It's the birthday of Tala, my neighbour's daughter who is 11. I think Tala felt like we are going to prepare something at some point ...but none was of sure. However, I was late for preparations, for this reason, my part was to bring the strawberries with me that we need to use with the chocolate fountain, actually we needed 6 packs. As I arrived Tesco and guess what..I found the strawberry section empty...That shocked me, I was already running late and need strawberries...asked one of the staff who answered in a robot way...sorry, we ran out of them, come tomorrow....I gazed at him and said and in firm language....I can not go home without strawberry. He just smiled and said..Ok, try Sainsbury...I was running late ..went to Sainsbury...took me like 15 minutes to reach there...Hurry up hurry up ....get 6 packs...went home to find friends prepared the rest..Tala came afterwards and was surprised( or at least showed herself as)...everybody sang...Happy Birthday To you, Happy birthday To Tala..lots of food, funn , games. The best bit was the Pasta parcil where one of the kids had to dance a monkey dance. My God how that 5 year old Haya danced really as a monkey was so funny to the death.
After the birthday party ended I went home thinking of my busy day..Alhamdullah for having friends, I do not think I could afford life without them really.

21 Apr 2008

This is sooooooo Unfair.


I am Sorry for all this time of being away from the blogsphere. Life sometimes is so congested: work, study, and commitments but I will try to be as regular as I can afford.

Just passed by the above caricature and I thought: Poor we women, look at the way people think in us. I donot think this has any relation to the reality. I have driven for years and I do not think this is true at all.... :(